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KDS Short Stuff Texas Tornado
AMHA AMHR and PTHA foaled 5-29-2013 32.5" 

Sire: Godspeeds Texas Talent
Grandsire: Fallen Ash Farms Talent Scout
Greatgrandsire: L&D Scout
Granddam:  Little Americas DS Miss Muffy

Dam: Mini Pleasures French Vanilla
Grandsire: French Broads Bold Sensation
Granddam:  Moores China Doll

This beautiful little stallion also goes back to Flying W Farms Blue Boy
He has produced some beautiful foals for us mostly fillies
Photo courtesy of Wendy McDonald
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Audrey Lanes Squanto Spotted Feather

AMHA 233967
AMHR 305090A
foaled 5-14-2010 stallion 31"

Sire: Bear Branch Geronimo Feather
Grandsire: Stonehenge Painted Feather
Granddam: Sharrway K ajuns Rowdy's Enchantress

Dam: Kopykatz Designer Blue Moon
Grandsire: Warrior By Designer Cr
Greatgrandsire: WE Carousel Designer Legancy
Great Granddam: Laconfetti CR
Grandam: Valley View Painted Pending
Greatgrandsire: LHR Tattoo'd Twizzler
Greatgranddam: Tammy's Salted Nut Roll

Produces beautiful foals most of his foals stay smaller than him bred to bigger mares all have beautiful heads and are correct he was hard shipped into AMHA with 2 judges and show Stewarts qualified him DNA tested he has a full pedigree on his AMHR papers he is great with the mares even in the field while mares are foaling he is quiet and easy to handle and catch in the field has thrown us beautiful foals reason for selling I am cutting down have 4 studs and only 6 mares e mail for more info he likes to run with the heard first picture is him others are his fillies below.
Daisylanes Best Yet Midnight Blues

stallion foaled 4-14-2018 28 inches

Sire: Lucky Fours Black Velvet Best Yet
Grandsire: LK Black Velvet
Greatgrandsire: Boons Little Buckeroo
Greatgranddam: Little Kings Red Velvet
Granddam: Lucky Fours Sirs Lark
Greagreattgrandsire: Diamond H Sirs Night Rider
Greatgreatgrandam: Diamond H Rebels Delight

Dam: Daisylane Moonlight KJisses
Grandsire: Sweetwaters World Class
Greagreattgrandsire: Cedar Groves Farms Cocoas Thunder
Greagreattgranddam: Sweetwaters Blue Apache
Granddam: Hen Misty Morning
Greatgrandsire: Hallgonian Farms Wiseguy
Greatgranddam: Galloping G Bonds Sunchaser
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KDS Short Stuff Apachie Scout

AMHA/AMHR, DNA tested foaled 5/30/2020

Sire; Getz Jesses Talented Lil Man 30.00
Grandsire; Goodspeed Texas Talent 30.50
Granddam; Twin Oaks Jesses Golden Girl 33.50
Greatgrandsire; Fallen Ash Farms Talent Scout 33.25
Greatgranddam; Little Americas DS Miss Muhy 30
Greatgrandsire; LM Hawks Jesse James
Greatgranddam; Star K Calamity Jane 31.50

Dam; Galloping G Ramblin Passionate Red 34
Grandsire; Willing Streaks Ramblin Rogue 31
Greatgrandsire; Galloping G Scouts Best Designe 33
Greatgranddam; Galloping G Scouts Best Design 33
Greatgreatgrandsire; Ramblin Starbuck 33.5
Greatgreatgrandam; Libertys Little Scarlet 30
Great Great Grandsire; Fallen Ash Farms Scouts Dark Design 32
Great Great Grandam; Royal Oak Expressions Of Gold 33