Mares 1
KDS Short Stuff Hawks Look At Me
AMHA Parent Qualified foaled 2007

Sire Reeces N Kredible Hawk
Grandsire 4G's Little Kings Alfalfa Pleasure,
Greatgrandsire is Little Kings Alfalfas Please
Greatgranddam is Warwick Farms Sweet Bay 31.750.
Grandam is HSF Enjoli
Grand great grandam is Hemlock Brooks Dapple Lady.
Grandsire is Hemlock Brooks Elegant and
Dam is Sweetwaters Lil Fashionable
Sire Dell Teras Apachie
Grandsire Dels Lil Man
Grandam Dels Mary Dam is Bonds Morning Joy
Grandsire Bonds Shadrock
Grandam Bonds Intrepid

Had a beautiful bay pinto filly in 2016 to The Chairman Of The Board and could be bred back to
KDS Short Stuff Scouts Domino for 2017
KDS Short Stuff Fires Show Stopper
AMHA Reg. Foaled 5/10/11

Sire: River Eadge Trail By Fire
Grandsire: River Eadge Black Velvets Snowfire
Great grandsire: Little Kings Black Velvet
Greatgrandam: Diamond In Onyx Misty Meadow

Dam: Haven Brooks High society
Grandsire: Magic Man Red Rocket
Greatgrandam: Outlaws Little Bitty

this little mare is a buckskin pinto with 2 blue eyes

Show Stopper had a beautiful palomino pinto colt in 2016 which is for sale for $800 she could be bred back for 2017 to
GRF Designer Starry Knight for a 2017 she is also for sale for $1000
Von Hen Misty Morning

31 inches AMHA AMHR REG Foaled 4 18 05

'Sire:Haligonian Fair Wise Guy
Grandsire:Rudolf Van Double Dutch
Grandam: Lucky Four Chipperette

Dam:Galloping G Bond Sunchaser
Grandsire: Rocking K Grand Painted Illusion
Granddam: Moss Grove Sunchaser

This beautiful lil mare has 2 big blue eyes and a very sweet personality

Misty had a beautiful bay pinto colt which was sold and we decided to let her open this year
Silverforrd Farms Hydrangeo
foaled 6-29-5 dun

Sire Kressleys Little Toy
Grandsire Dells Little Rascal
Grandam Kressleys Rosie

Dam Rockey Meadows Dutches
Grandsire JMS Little Duke
Grandam FMA Rosemary

this little mare produces beautiful foals goes back to one of our
first show horses Kressleys Little Toy that has now passed away

Hydrangeo had a beautiful dun sabino filly which is sold in 2016 and could be bred back to KDS Short Stuff Texas Tornado for a 2017 foal
KDS Short Stuff Lil Buttercup
Palomino Filly foaled 4-30-2011
AMHA Reg Parent Qualified

Sire: Reeces N Kredible Hawk
Dam: Millennium Winter Wish

She made it to States this year she has a beautiful head and big eyes and a blaze

Butter was bred for her first time this year to GRF Designer Starry Knight for a 2017 foal we are excited about this baby as this
is one of my favorite show mares
GRAND CHAMPION MARE 2015 Huntingdon CO Fair
Photo courtesy of Wendy McDonald
Pick Pockets Krystal Champagne
Foaled 3-21-2002 AMHA AMHR

Sire: Cedar Brooks Color Me Gold
Grandsire: Evans Sam
Granddam: Cedar Brooks Double Delight

Dam: Ray Lyn Tootsie
Grandsire: Landrys Cowboy Bill
Granddam: Ray Lyn Salty

SOLD congratulations Debra Harrison
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Cadle Creek Buckeroo Extasy
AMHA Foaled 4 24 05

Sire: Little Kings Buckeroo Romeo
Grandsire: Boons Little Buckeroo
Granddam: Littlle Kings Buckeroo Tempest

Dam: RFM Extasys Moon Wood
Grandsire: Little Kings Double Extasy
Granddam:Reeces Moonwood

Cadle could be bred to The Chairman Of The Board For a 2017 foal